General Situation


« La Route de la Bonette », the highest road in Europe – 2802 m – between two valleys.


“La Route de la Bonette” is an undeniable link between the Mediterranean and the Alps, an opening road whether you come from the North (Ubaye) or from the South (Tinée).

So to say, it is an “asphalt” ribbon in the middle of grand landscapes, you can’t be impassive in front of snow-covered summits, veiled panoramas or steep valleys.

At 2802 m, “la Cime de la Bonette” can see lots of vehicles running from June to September : cars, mobile-homes, motorbikes or cycles.

« Les Alpes-Maritimes » and the « Côte d’Azur » are linked, by the Tinée Valley, to this passage towards “ les Alpes de Haute Provence “ and the “ Ubaye Valley “.

It’s a road for exploring the “ Mercantour National park “, the history of the valley, villages, typical hamlets, pastoral architecture or people – all is worth discovering !

“La Tinée” has preserved traces of strategic importance and its lovely landscapes. Vast and lunar panoramas, lines of dark mineral needles, red-rock summits “ le Col de la Bonette “ also called “ le Col de la Bonette – Restefond “ is remarkable for so many reasons.

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