ISOLA Village



In the « Tinée » valley, downstream of St. Etienne de Tinée, a crossroad between “le Col de La Bonette” - Isola 2000 - and “le Col de la Lombarde”.

Altitude :     875 meters

Population : 704 with the village and the Winter-Sports resorts.

CULTURAL HERITAGE : 3 paintings of Bréa ( a 15th century painter ).

St. Pierre bell-tower, Chapels St. Roche and Ste. Eurosie, an agricultural museum.

A mill, an oven, fountains, a chestnut circuit, foot-paths.

The patron Saint of the church is “St. Pierre es Liens”.

SPORTS FACILITIES : Center “Aquavallée” ( swimming-pool ), Stadium, Multi-sports ground, “De Louch” waterfall.

CHESTNUT FESTIVAL : early November.

THE MAYOR’S REMARK : a lovely site between the Winter-Sports resort “Isola 2000” and St. Sauveur sur Tinée”, our small and picturesque village offers you the pleasure of aquatic sports and country walks …



Isola village Tel. : 04 93 02 18 97

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