The S.I.V.U. of the Bonette


The S.I.V.U.   =   the Single-purpose Intercommunal Syndicate of la Bonette.


This Syndicate is responsible for the promotion and preservation of the road of La Bonette. “ Le Col de La Bonette “ is a mountain pass road located at 2.715 meters, above sea level, which connects the UBAYE Valley to the MERCANTOUR

“ Le Col de La Bonette “ takes place between the Top of La Bonette ( 2.860 m ) and the Peak of the “ Trois Serrières “ ( 2.753 m ). The road, which is closed in winter, is in the area of the Mercantour National Park. It is a local road on the slopes of the “ Alpes de Haute Provence ” ( North ), since its abandonment by the Army which was keeping it up, until recently.

It’s, on the other hand, a council road on the side of the “ Alpes-Maritimes “ ( South ), with a gradient of 8 %, toward St. Etienne de Tinée.

“ La Route de la Bonette “ which was ranked “ Imperial Road “ by Emperor Napoleon III , ( the 18th of August 1863 ), sees over 80.000 vehicles passing during the period from June to September.

The S.I.V.U. represents the 14 municipalities of two departments.

Its President is Mr. Jean PASCAL.